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This free, open source project hosted by Sourceforge aims to provide an easy way to get you started with your project in any language. It relies on templates and control files that shape those templates for your project's needs.

Templates are easy: just create a directory and add some structure (files and subdirectories) and that structure will be copied to destination path. The content of the files is scanned and anything between {{markers}} is interpreted as a special command. File and directory names are also processed but we use simple ${markers} here.

A templates is intepreted by a Generator. Scaffold by itself does nothing; instead, the user selects one or more generators via control file and they produce content based on the templates that they were served. Generators are C++ classes, either build inside the program or provided as plug-ins.

Scaffold provides a set of build-in variables. Each Generator defines an additional set of variables specific to itself and the user may define any number of variables inside the control file(s). These variables (and some special commands) are available in templates inside {{markers}}.

Control files are Rexscript files. On top of standard commands, a set of specific commands are provided.